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The Borrowed Boutique is a fast growing online children's clothing and accessory rental boutique. Although we originally launched our brand as a predominantly girls clothing rental website, we've quickly expanded our boys clothing rental options. This was in response to our customer's continued feedback stating they wanted the best boys clothes for rent! Here's a look at some of The Borrowed Boutique's favorite boys clothing rental options:

Little Wardrobe London

Little Wardrobe London is a genuinely British brand, founded by designer Ayesha Mirza. The brand's inspiration hails from Ayesha's love for "the energy of London itself" and "the diversity of it's culture". Having taken The Borrowed Boutique to London for a styled photo shoot several years ago, we'll be the first to admit, we immediately fell in love with their boys suits, pants, vests, and jackets.

Check out our Little Wardrobe London boys clothing rental options by clicking here

Little Wardrobe London Boys Double Breasted Arlington Waistcoat In Grey And Blue for rent from The Borrowed Boutique.


Appaman has a unique Scandinavian perspective on Ameripop iconic imagery. Appaman's founder, Harald Husum finds inspiration everyday on the mean streets of Brooklyn and translates it into his ever changing palette of vibrant garments. Appaman's attention to detail and excellent customer service have inspired us to offer Appaman boys shirts, pants, suits, blazers, and vests within our rental collection.

Check out our Appaman boys clothing rental options here.

Lazy Francis

Lazy Francis a remarkable European brand. Although they too started as a designer brand for girls, they have thankfully launched some amazing boys pants, coats, and suits. Lazy Francis is all about style, vibrancy, elegance and adding more color to your and your kids’ lives. All of the outfits designed and created at Lazy Francis at carefully woven and stitched to perfection, making use of the best and premium quality fabrics availed from the leading and latest European collections and brands.

Check out our Lazy Francis boys clothing rental options here.


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